Model-based situation assessment of dynamic physical systems

P. Baroni, G. Guida, G. Lamperti, M. Zanella

Proc. AIENG 1997, 12th International Conference on the Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Engineering, Capri, I, Luglio 1997, 592-612



This paper focuses on the scheduled situation assessment of dynamic physical systems to which testing is not applied. First, a set of modeling concepts as to physical system operation is introduced: such concepts stress the importance of the role played by system parameters, which are a number of physical, chemical, dimensional, structural, spatial properties of the physical system at hand. So, situation assessment is defined as the task of determining the current system parameter values of a given physical system. Since parameters are evolving over time owing to wear and tear phenomena, a set of assumptions as to the dynamic evolution of the values of system parameter is discussed. Then, a logical model for the accomplishment of the task of situation assessment is proposed and its cognitive plausibility is proven by means of a case study.

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