On Input/Output Argumentation Frameworks

P. Baroni, G. Boella, F. Cerutti, M. Giacomin, L. W. N. van der Torre, S. Villata

Proc. of COMMA 2012, 4th International Conference on Computational Models of Argument, Vienna, A, 2012, 358-365



This paper introduces Input/Output Argumentation Frameworks, a novel approach to characterize the behavior of an argumentation framework as a sort of black box exposing a well-defined external interface. As a starting point, we define the novel notion of semantics decomposability and analyze complete, stable, grounded and preferred semantics in this respect. Then we show as a main result that, under grounded, stable and credulous preferred semantics, Input/Output Argumentation Frameworks with the same behavior can be interchanged without affecting the result of semantics evaluation of other arguments interacting with them.

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