On the use of digital microscopes at nursery and primary schools

P. Baroni, N. Cadenelli, B. Caprara, A. Colombi, D. Fogli, C. Scala, I. Serina

Proc. of WCES 2013, 5th World Conference on Educational Sciences, Roma, I, 2013



In this paper we describe and analyze a new user interface program that allows students of nursery and primary schools to use digital microscopes in the Linux environment. Moreover, we want to provide teachers with new ideas for a conscious and effective use of digital microscopes in order to promote the interest toward the scientific exploration of nature in children. In our classes we have used the Intel® Play QX3 Microscope which is a unique tool for allowing children to approach technology. This microscope has technical features that make it very effective and simple to use; furthermore it allows, in combination with our software, to observe very small objects directly from the computer screen and realize videos capturing images in long term experiments. Children can recombine the microscope images so as to produce new graphic objects, modify these images in a creative way and create new multimedia collections of their experiments. In particular, we aim at establishing a link between practical experience, geometry and artistic education; moreover, this tool can facilitate the integration of certified students, hyperactive students and students with deficit and attention disorder since it can promote their concentration through an operative approach.

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