On Rationality Conditions for Epistemic Probabilities in Abstract Argumentation

P. Baroni, M. Giacomin, P. Vicig

Proc. of COMMA 2014, 5th International Conference on Computational Models of Argument, Pitlochry, UK, 2014, 121-132



Epistemic probabilities in argumentation frameworks are meant to represent subjective degrees of belief in the acceptance of arguments. As such, they are subject to some rationality conditions, taking into account the attack relation between arguments. This paper provides an advancement with respect to the previous literature on this matter by casting epistemic probabilities in the context of de Finetti’s theory of subjective probability and by analyzing and revising the relevant rationality properties in relation with de Finetti’s notion of coherence. Further, we consider the extension to Walley’s theory of imprecise probabilities and carry out a preliminary analysis about rationality conditions in this more general context.

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