Comparing and integrating argumentation-based with matrix-based decision support in Arg&Dec

M. Aurisicchio, P. Baroni, D. Pellegrini, F. Toni

Online Proc. of TAFA-15, 3rd International Workshop on the Theory and Applications of Formal Argumentation, Buenos Aires, AR, 2015



The need of making decisions pervades every field of human activity. Several decision support methods and software tools are available in the literature, relying upon different modelling assumptions and often producing different results. In this paper we investigate the relationships between two such approaches: the recently introduced QuAD frameworks, based on the IBIS model and quantitative argumentation, and the decision matrix method, widely adopted in engineering. In addition, we describe Arg&Dec (standing for Argue & Decide), a prototype web application for collaborative decision-making, encompassing the two methodologies and assisting their comparison through automated transformation.

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