Argumentation in multi-agent systems: self-stabilizing defeat status computation

P. Baroni, M. Giacomin, G. Guida

Atti dell'Ottavo Convegno dell' Associazione Italiana per l'Intelligenza Artificiale, Siena, 2002, 225-234



In this paper, we consider a multi-agent system where agents perform argumentation activity on the basis of knowledge both stated in their knowledge-bases and acquired from other agents. Starting from a previous proposal, we introduce a distributed approach to argumentation, removing some limiting assumptions, and we show by means of an example that the system can not be guaranteed to reach a state which satisfy a well-founded semantics, and not even to terminate. In order to tackle this problem, we devise two self-stabilizing algorithms for the computation of the defeat status, one specifically tailored to rebutting defeat, and the other able to deal with any form of defeat.

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