ANEMONE - A Network of Multi-Agent Platforms for Academic Communities

G. Armano, P. Baroni, G. Cerchi, M. Colombetti, A. Gerevini, M. Mari, A. Poggi, C. Santoro, E. Tramontana, M. Verdicchio

Atti del Workshop WOA 2005 Dagli Oggetti agli Agenti, Camerino, 2005, 120-126


This paper presents ANEMONE, a multi-agent platforms network that provides services for the academic community implemented by using the JADE agent development framework. In particular, ANEMONE provides a set of services to support i) academic people in some of their recurrent activities (fix an appointment, organize a meeting and search documents on the Web, ii) students in getting information about courses and iii) information technology people (including students) in getting information on documents and people that may help them to solve their programming problems. Moreover, it also provides a set of system-oriented services for the management of agent platforms and services and for the realization of new types of service.

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