An introduction to argumentation semantics

P. Baroni, M. Caminada, M. Giacomin

Knowledge Engineering Review, 26(4), 2011, 365-410



This paper presents an overview on the state of the art of semantics for abstract argumentation, covering both some of the most influential literature proposals and some general issues concerning semantics definition and evaluation. As to the former point, the paper reviews Dung’s original notions of complete, grounded, preferred, and stable semantics, as well as subsequently proposed notions like semi-stable, ideal, stage, and CF2 semantics, considering both the extension-based and the labelling-based approaches with respect to their definitions. As to the latter point, the paper presents an extensive set of general properties for semantics evaluation and analyzes the notions of argument justification and skepticism. The final part of the paper is focused on the discussion of some relationships between semantics properties and domain-specific requirements.

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