Research activities of Pietro Baroni

Multi-agent systems

The research activity in this area has concerned the study and experimentation of innovative architectures for multi-agent systems and of applications of agent-based systems.


Architectures for multi-agent systems

Investigation in this area has mainly concerned the study and experimentation, in a robot simulation environment, of an original distributed control architecture for an autonompus agent based on the notion of active mental entities. The basic idea consists in extending at the cognitive and motivation level the distributed control approach which has been successfully applied at lower levels of agent control architectures.
Two classes of active mental entities, called intenders and attenders, have been characterized and applied to simulated robot control.

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Application of agent-based systems

A preliminary investigation has been carried out concerning the use of an agent-based approach to carry out  the recognition of user interaction patterns and support a user-centered development of interactive systems. The approach has been implemented in a prototype and experimented both on stand-alone and web-based interactive systems. 

A multi-agent application supporting the distributed management of agendas and meetings has been developed in the framework of the PRIN project ANEMONE cofunded by MIUR.

Relevant publications:

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